Salesperson training

Salespeople trained by us know what’s what.

True Moments GmbH knows what’s important when it comes to the successful sale of products. We convey this knowledge to the sales team through product training. The focus here is on the following:

  • How should you correctly, personally and professionally present yourself?
  • What effect does my demeanour have on customers?
  • How do you successfully guide a sales talk?
  • How do you find out the customer’s needs?
  • How do you win customers over to a product?
  • How do you present a product in a likeable and professional manner?
  • How do you demonstrate the benefits of the product?
  • How do you present/explain product features in a way that the man on the street can understand?
  • Together with the team, we develop product-specific sales strategies.
  • Etc.
Salesperson training